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moonlight_lims's Journal

Moonlight LIMS
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Welcome to moonlight_lims, a Last Icon Maker Standing challenge community for fans of The CBS Series Moonlight.Participants will be eliminated each week until we are left with one icon maker.
1. Round One signups are now open, here. You must JOIN the community and be signed up in order to participate in any challenges.

2. All icons must follow LJ standards, which means they must be under 40 kb and 100x100 pixels.

3. Icons must be kept anonymous until the voting has ended. This is to keep the voting fair.

4. If you don't enter a challenge, you are disqualified unless you request a skip. You are given one skip, but you can earn up to TWO more skips. Please see the SKIP POST.

5. Voting includes giving constructive criticism about the icons being voted off. Comments are screened. Please do not complain when you are voted off or if you don't like the comments your icons received. Criticism is meant to help, keep it helpful:)

6. Please friend the community for reminders.

7. Any questions? Feel free to contact a me marcal92 [AT] gmail [DOT] com
rules and concepts were taken from deanandsamlims and hc_lims

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Header graphic made by marcal_92

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